ACT (Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt Ltd) UDAAN 2018 was really fun project we worked on as we were allowed to show our talent in every aspect of event management. We were given a free hand to design stage sets, themes and create an experience for their employees from the start to the end.



The event was a 3 day corporate event at the Park Hyatt Hotel Goa suggested by us keeping in mind the specs required in terms of the type of hotel venues based on each event, rooming, quality of food, hospitality services etc. The event was packed with full day conferences, celebrity guest speakers, team building activities, themed gala dinners like “Flea by the Sea” and “Pirates theme” where we had an entire experience created. With drum circle, flea market stalls for the guests to shop, giving it that very Goa’s Saturday Night Market vibe for the “Flea by the sea” theme, to the pirates theme was brought to life with pirate dressed mascots, pirate themed props for the guests and the entire décor that gave goose bumps to our guests and was very much appreciated by everybody.



The conferencing area had a customized stage designed by the design team of Magenta’s Muse. It was important to understand the company, its vision and its goal and keeping these intrinsic characteristics in designing the stage. We were pretty happy with the outcome of our design and so was our client. The detailing went to the aspect of understanding ballroom color palettes and adapting design to those color pallets was the fun part. All in all another feather in our cap!!