Alisha + Adelbert

Alisha and Adelbert were a couple based out of the UK and their roots from Goa. It’s amazing how we come across couples who we never get a chance to meet during the first stages of planning, but we still manage to get close. It was the same with them, they needed all the support possible to be able to communicate and manage things from miles and miles away – it was out duty to make sure we catered to that.

Alisha was a spiritual bride, humble, beautiful and well-spoken, Adelbert; polite, patient and just as humble. It was important for them to follow all the rituals that a catholic wedding has because they had the utmost respect for their families and with that they wanted the fun quotient to the wedding as well.

There wasn’t much that needed to be done for the church because it was already so beautiful. All we did was add a white carpet for the aisle. The wedding was followed by a sundowner and the reception at Stone Water.

Alisha and Adelbert look like super stars! Their first dance was Perfect, literally, Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”, perfectly coordinated to the gorgeous song. We still get goose bumps thinking of it. Sigh !

Pic credits: Rahul de Cunha Pictures