Meet the people behind Pataka

Meet the team

Joshua Antao

Visionary - Risk Taker - Entertainer

Events has always been my passion, as a kid I did a lot of odd jobs in events to earn pocket money, understand and gain experience in the Event Industry. Being a banker by profession, I used to call in sick to do an event and go back to work again. And then I thought to myself why live in denial?? Events are what I am, what I am passionate about and it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. 

I joined an event company, as an employee then became a partner in the same company. After many years, I realized I wanted to create my own identity hence gave birth to Pataka Events that was my baby. Being part of the events fraternity for over 8 years and having done some of the biggest events in Goa, my drive is to do bigger, better and more experiential events. I strive to be the best in the business and inspire everyone around me to achieve excellence. My vision is to make Pataka a global brand. 

I believe that life is a stage and we play different roles on it as an entrepreneur, as an event confidant to our clients, as a visionary and as citizens of humanity... The stage has always been my life. I love the fact that a stage can be someone’s limelight, a platform to share your experience and a dance to earn your living. Every stage tells a story and that story continues till you say.... “The End.”

Meet the team

Ayesha K.G.

Explorer - Dancer - Achiever

From the Basics: I’ve always believed that if you work hard towards something you really want you will get it. I started planning events even before I had heard of the term “Event Management”. Back in Brunei, where I grew up, my Parents used to host parties every month and with that came planning from inviting guests, who is doing what, what will be placed where, who will do the shopping, what will be made, what will be served to the types of entertainment... So I pretty much knew the basics; in Malaysia all through my wild college years I hosted my own house parties, at one point I had joined a dance troupe and used to perform for grand weddings!

No short cuts: So I’ve done it all, from scratch and that is what probably brought me to Goa. The hub of all events possible, a place many people dream of living in, or holidaying in. I risked it all to move lock, stock and barrel with the mere intention of living the good life and it wasn’t easy- but after a lot of struggling, hard work and no short cuts, here I am presenting to you ours and mine, Pataka Events.

Earn it, then Own It: I’ve been brought up to believe in myself, stay independent and always do what makes me happy; creating an experience for others and the end result being FABULOUS makes me happy, and that particular moment will never come back again…so owning that moment makes me happy.

Meet the team

Aishwarya Kalgutkar

Artist - Learner - Team Player

Hi, I am Aishwarya, an Industrial designer based in Goa. The pursuit to do some thoughtful design across diverse disciplines has what led me to be a part of Pataka.

My life has been a beautiful mélange of memories of having brought up in a joint family in Mumbai in a quaint suburb called Chembur, in a house complete with more pets than humans to moving to Pune for graduation and finally starting my work life in my birth place, Goa. To think of it, my work derives a great deal of inspiration from my experiences. Facing new challenges and opportunities has been the constant high of my life, which has now led me to be a multi-disciplinary designer.

I am passionate about designing unique visuals and spaces that have a story to tell. I love multi tasking, doing research, creating details and spending hours to perfect my craft. In my free time, you can catch me surrounded by some lovely ink and paper practicing my calligraphy, hula-hooping on my terrace or simply spending time at my grandma’s house with my little cousins n pets of-course!